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Courier Services Same-day & Overnight Express Courier Services to Commerce & Industry

Our Mission

Our strategic objective is to provide a quality courier & transport service to the growing South African market, both on a domestic and international front, through our extensive network of express road and air freight resources.

Customer Satisfaction

Our key objective is to ensure that our clients benefit from a cost-effective courier & transport service without compromising on service or reliability.

As the company, which was established in 2001, is owner run it lends itself to a strong commitment to customer service

Delivery Cycles

The Courier Link’s direct-express system, which cuts out the need for warehousing & sortation, ensures that we can keep accurate tabs on your shipment until it’s successful delivery.
Less handling stages yield the following positive results:

  • Misrouted consignments become very rare.
  • Less chance of damages.
  • Less chance of theft or hijacking.

TCL – Direct Consignor to Consignee Delivery Cycle – 4 Stages
Collect      Airport     Airport     Delivery
Collect     Sort Hub     Airport     Airport     Sort Hub     Delivery

Service Excellence

Whether time is of the essence or economy is the focus, shipments are monitored all the way and delivered within the promised time frame.

Number Daily Shipments

Kept to a minimum, which has the benefit of low admin/ops activity with more time and resource available to ensure that freight is moved in complete adherence to operational policy.


Whilst the normal range of courier services is offered our operation can be tailored to suit a particular need.

Freight Handling

This unique operation ensures that handling is kept to an absolute minimum with the benefit of reducing the possibility of damage, theft and/or misrouting (which can lead to lengthy delays)


24 hrs a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. No cut off time for collections.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Volumetric Weight?

All Courier Companies use two weights, actual weight and volumetric weight, actual weight is what your consignment weighs on the scale whereas volumetric weight is the size or space that your consignment takes up based on the dimensions of the consignment. Customers are charge on whichever is the larger of the two.
For Overnight / Next Day consignments the volumetric factor is 5000, for Economy Freight the factor is 4000.
Overnight Service
Length 45cm x width 80cm x height 100cm / 5000 =72kg
Economy Service Length 45cm x width 80cm x height 100cm / 4000 =90kg

Can I elect to have my consignment delivered/ collected on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday?
Yes, a surcharge will apply but we can deliver after hours/weekends etc.
Is the service “Door to Door”?
Yes, the courier will collect from the address specified and delivered to the recipient’s door. Alternatively, you may elect to collect your consignment from over 50 depots countywide.
What items cannot be Couriered?
No dangerous goods without prior arrangement, for example, No aerosol cans, flammable liquids, fireworks, ammunition, dangerous weapons etc. No cash/ illegal substances.
If you are unsure feel free to ask.
Can I Courier my pet?
Yes, strict rules apply but we are able to send your pet to most main centres.
What is the maximum weight or size that can be couriered?
We are able to Courier items from 1 kg to 30 tons; we have various resources that can be applied at short notice.
What is the difference between Main Centres and regional Centres?
Main Centers are cities like Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London, Kimberley, Bloemfontein etc.
Regional Areas are towns such as Rustenburg, Pietermaritzburg, Stellenbosch, Port Shepstone, Hazyview etc.
Can I track my consignment?
Yes, using your waybill number there is a tracking facility on our web site. POD images can be emailed once available.
Do I need to open an account ?
We do offer account facilities for frequent users. We also offer pay as go if you prefer. Payment can be made via EFT.
What is the cut off time for collections?
Collections should always be placed as early as possible preferably before 14h00 but depending on the area we may still be able to assist after that time.
Is there an emergency after hours number that is 24/7?
Yes, please see our contact details

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